HS-TM-3-40 Automatic Pipe-end Forming Machine


-- Suitable for metal pipe processing of various materials and various types of pipes.
-- The machine is subject to strict quality inspection, unified specifications.
-- This model has both manual and automatic functions and has an emergency stop device.
-- Processing shape: concave, convex, knot, long flat, square, extension, oblique, V-shaped open elbow, flat mouth, etc., depending on the workpiece to change the shape of the mold.
-- Pipe end forming machine is divided according to pipe material and specifications: single station forming, single station two forming, two station secondary forming, three station three forming, multi-station multiple forming and double head For one-shot molding and other models, select the appropriate equipment according to actual needs.
Name Unit TM-3-40
Max. End Forming Capacity Mm ¢40*2
Max. End Forming Length mm 150
Reduction time mm/s 100/3-4
Max. Hydraulic Pressure Mpa 12
Servo Motor Power for Die Changing W 750
Accuracy of Die Changing mm 0.01
Motor Power Kw 4
Dimension of machine mm 2200×1350×1450
Weight of the machine kg 1600



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